PSY/OPS offers a small selection of free fonts. Featuring the Crash Numbering, Bitblox, and Faceplate typefaces. Click on the images below for more information and download links.

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Free Fonts: Crash Numbering - PSY/OPS Type Foundry



Universal Use License

The serializing technique known as crash numbering has been in use since before computers started roaming the earth… some say as far back as the days of phrenology and 5¢ sasparillas. If you’ve ever bought a raffle ticket or been handed a claim check you’ve experienced crash numbering first hand. Our digital simulacrum, which we are proud to present here and now, includes Serif and Gothic styles; three variants of each numeral; and a smattering of numerical symbols. It’s ideal for numbering invoices, gift certificates, undergarments… anything that’ll hold still long enough to run through your inkjet printer. And it’s completely free.

The Crash Numbering font includes: Multiple sets of numerals/figures and a few symbols.

Free Fonts: Bitblox Monospace



Personal Use License

We created the these fonts for our Bitblox alphabet blocks. They were inspired by the low-res pixel lettering seen on the computer screens and in video games of yore. The fonts are guaranteed to induce flashbacks in anyone who’s been exposed to consoles / terminals / IBM / DOS / AS/400 graphics in the olden days. Each Bitblox character is built on a grid of pixels known as a matrix. The matrix creates constraint, but that very constraint yields interesting and evocative forms.

The Bitblox Monospace free font includes: Western and Eastern European characters, Mathematical symbols, and more.

Free Fonts: Faceplate LV



Personal Use License

Faceplate was originally created for a series of type design workshops. From initial pencil sketches through to finished files, it served as a model design, demonstrating the various states of typeface development. It was made available commercially in 2001 in ten cuts. As humanist sanserifs go, Faceplate is fairly non-descript, however it does have a few distinctive attributes, including bowed-in diagonal strokes (intended to conserve linear space), and a tri-oval g.

The Faceplate LV free font contains: Basic European characters, ligatures, and punctuation.



Who are we?

We’re PSY/OPS, a dedicated type design studio in the heart of San Francisco. We build typefaces all day long — and occasionally all night long. Our primary commissions are for tech giants and manufacturers, game developers and print publishers, as well as other foundries and design firms. We also love teaming up on more personal / experimental / academic projects. The quirkier and more challenging the better. Between client engagements, we work on fonts for our own library.