Harfang Roman Subset


Harfang Roman Subset



Harfang Roman Subset includes all six upright Harfang Pro Roman fonts and their respective small caps styles, extended language support, ligatures and alternates.

Andre Simard’s goal for Harfang was to create a serif typeface that would be easy to read at text sizes, while having a strong personality at larger sizes. The initial design had a purely rounded style, but with each development pass I introduced some angularity. The final result is a typeface that is easy to read in long texts, advertising copy, annual reports and the like; but one that also provides a crisp and stylish appeal in more prominent display settings. André choose the name Harfang (Harfang des neiges — Snowy Owl or Great White Owl) after his first typeface, Migration, I wanted something with a thematic relation. On a more personal level, Harfang is the official bird of Québec, a country with a long winter and a wonderful, white landscape, and the place I call home. 


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