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The seed for Shabash was planted during an identity design project for Kashmir, an Indian restaurant in Stockholm. The locale, with its artistic decor, pleasant staff, and harmonious atmosphere left a deep impression on me, as did the brothers who owned the restaurant. Ejaz Khan’s esoteric knowledge and Nisar Khan’s artistic sensibilities were captivating to no end; while Chef Sita Ram’s culinary skill provided easy incentive to drop by often. Our initial business meeting blossomed into a lifelong friendship and inspired me to travel to India. It was the people I met there, along with the explosion of colours and flavours that compelled me to create Shabash Pro… a Swede’s tribute to the Near East! :: The word shabash means something like bravo, well done or excellent in Urdu, and so I fully dedicate this typeface and its name to my friends Ejaz & Nisar Khan. —GS

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