Exemplar Pro 2.0

Exemplar Pro

I got started on my first attempts to create a new typeface. My goal was to create a something that was traditional yet un-conventional, a balanced combination that felt both old and new. Respectful of the art of typography, I turned to history for inspiration and placed equal attention towards taking a step into the future. Two years later, the designs for both regular and italic versions were complete. A first attempt to make Exemplar a fully functional font took place in 1997. But years passed and a general lack of time needed forced the project into a deep sleep for about nine years. In the first days of 2006, Exemplar experienced its revival when PSY/OPS signed a distribution deal for the typeface. Now, the real work began (I had to learn FontLab properly) and all glyphs were redrawn and improved. Diacritics were build for central european languages and small-caps, different numerals and alternate letters were added. Finally, the typeface family was expanded to four weights with corresponding italics. —GS

The Exemplar fonts include: Extended Western and Eastern European characters, Smallcaps, Stylistic Alternates, Ligatures, Old Style Figures, Proportional Figures, and more.

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