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Vidange Pro Complete

Vidange Pro Complete

Vidange Pro Complete Font Specimen



For Vidange Pro, artist Jack Usine set out to create a “kind of unclassifiable bastard typeface, something between text and display… geometry and humanism… with a strong presence of French vernacular sign lettering.” Vidange’s inspirations are very much in the vein of amateur sign lettering, with the the improbable ‘factory-roof’ M serving as a prime example. As is often the case with so-called naïve art, Vidange is full of lively elements that defy the status quo. But even with these non-standard constructions, the forms remain recognizable and exude a dignity all their own.

Vidange Pro Complete typeface includes: Western and Eastern European characters, smallcaps, ligatures, stylistic alternates, and four different sets of figures, and more.

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