Eidetic Neo

Eidetic Neo Pro contains a full offering OpenType glyph ranges and typographic features: Smallcaps, Ordinals, Proportional Oldstyle Fig-ures, Proportional Lining Figures, Tabular Oldstyle Figures, Tabular Lining Figures, Smallcaps Figures, Scientific Superiors & Inferiors, Automatic Fractions (Numerators & Denominator), and a handful of Ornaments. The two Italics also contain a series of ā€˜sā€™ ligatures. The Omni is the only font that contains a standard character set and no advanced features. :: Accessing the features requires an application which supports OpenType typographic features, such as Adobe InDesign and newer versions of Illustrator. Eidetic Neo Pro works in both Mac and Windows environments.

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