Any information you submit is honored as your own private property, not a commodity we are ever free to exchange with third parties.

Mailing List and E-List: Mailing list requests submitted on our online forms are delivered to us as standard, non-encrypted email using a basic CGI script. Data is subsequently imported into in an encrypted, offline database.

Unsubscribing: To be removed from the PSY/OPS mailing list, send us an email. We will promptly comply with your request and send you an acknowledgment.

Shopping Data: Secure credit card processing is handled directly by PayPal using state-of-the-art SSL encryption. PSY/OPS is not able to access the credit card numbers submitted to PayPal. Only shopping cart contents and delivery data are available to PSY/OPS.

Cookies: These are used by our shopping cart to auto-complete your contact information on repeat visits from the same IP address. The cookie data itself is never accessed by PSY/OPS.