What font formats does PSY/OPS offer?

The standard desktop font format we offer for both Mac and Windows is OpenType (CFF). Please contact us if you need TrueType or legacy formats of any of our desktop fonts. Our webfont packages include three formats: WOFF, EOT and SVG formats.

What languages do PSY/OPS fonts support?

Our standard fonts include support for Western European languages; while our Pro fonts support Central European languages. A few of our fonts include Greek and Cyrillic support. Please inquire for details.

Are PSY/OPS fonts compatible on Mac and Windows systems?

Yes, you can use the same PSY/OPS OpenType font on Mac and Windows platforms. While rendering may vary from one environment to another, character support will be consistent.


Can PSY/OPS create a custom font for a project or brand?

Yes! Our specialty and our primary work here at PSY/OPS is designing brand new typefaces for clients, large and small. Contact us if you have a project or product that would benefit from a custom font development. We’ll get you the information you need right away, along with competitive pricing and top notch service.