PSY/OPS Open Studio – SF Design Week Studio Tour

This year the SF Design Week Studio Tour is featuring over 40 open studio tours spread over two nights. PSY/OPS Type Foundry will be offering a behind–the–scenes look during the upcoming SF Design Week Studio Tour. The route on Wednesday is titled "Mid-Market - Hayes Valley - Mission - Bernal Heights" and PSY/OPS will be [...]

Alphaluxe Sale: 60% off ($14) through June 12th

Buy Alphaluxe today for only $14 (60% off). A vertical script packing a velvet punch! Alphaluxe compels attention like the best of the futuristic Moderne scripts from the 1930–50s with none of the bulk. The shapes are strong, their rendering light. The design was hand drawn by Wesley Poole in 2006, and meticulously reinterpreted as [...]

Armature Neue Sans is on Sale with a 50% Off Discount

Armature Neue Sans is currently on sale with a 50% off discount. “Armature Neue Sans is an extension of the original Armature Neue family released in 2010. Like Armature Neue, Armature Neue Sans consists of six weights with accompanying italics. Armature is one result of my interest in typefaces that are constructed, rather than [...]

Carolina de Bartolo, designer of TXT101, featured at 79NM

TXT101 designer Carolina de Bartolo has been featured over on 79NM. Where the origins of TXT101 are revealed: “First conceived as an interactive component to her excellent typesetting textbook Explorations in Typography, TXT101 was intended to give readers flexible interaction with various examples of layouts. Although she eventually scrapped the idea from the app version of [...]

TXT101 featured as a “Our Favorite Typefaces ’13” at Typographica

In the eighth edition of “Our Favorite Typefaces” Typographica features TXT101 by Carolina de Bartolo. This year featured 54 typefaces and represents work from 21 countries. TXT101 was also recently reviewed by André Mora for Typographica. Which you can read over here: more about TXT101, go here:

TXT101 Review at Typographica

“TXT101 is lorem ipsum for lorem ipsum. A winking, 52-style family in four weights, TXT101 provides a visual alternative to placeholder text. It’s a mock font that mocks not.” A great TXT101 review has been spotted over at Typographica, written by André Mora. “Once you get the hang of it, you can combine styles and create unique [...]

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