The typeface Dekalb was conceived of in 2013 after a day of photographing signage, murals and graffiti around Dekalb and Wyckoff avenues in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The initial drafts of the letterforms that were drawn that day eventually became Dekalb the typeface. — Pablo A. Medina

The Dekalb family features three weights; Light, Regular, and Ultra. With matching Oblique styles for Light and Regular. A Shaded Display set is also available for Light, Regular, and Ultra weights. These nine fonts contain fi and fl ligatures and a full set of Western Accented letters.

Buying Options:
Complete Family — $220
Light — $35
Light Oblique — $35
Regular — $35
Regular Oblique — $35
Ultra — $35
Light Shade — $35
Regular Shade — $35
Ultra Shade — $35