Jeanne Moderno: a revisionary type family.

Jeanne Moderno: a synthesis of Bodoni Italic and 19th Century Ultra-Bold ‘Fat Faces’, distilled with personality taken from early 20th Century Modernists: the Futurists, Dadaists, Suprematists, Constructivists.

Historically, Jeanne Moderno could have appeared on the scene around 1918, after the First World War, when new cultural movements, manifestos, theories and countertheories shaped art, industry and society.

Spatter in a few later influences, from De Stijl, the Bauhaus, the types of Herbert Bayer, Josef Albers, Paul Renner; plus a twist of Art Deco and High Fashion. Jeanne Moderno is a remanifestation of 19th + 20th Century Modernist thinking; traditional + revisionist, raw and elegant!

Jeanne Moderno: best used for magazines, advertising, posters, flyers, fashion reports, letterpress experiments, silkscreen endeavors and exhibitions; not to mention DMV signage, paper money, revolutionary political statements and formal declarations of peace or war.

Jeanne Moderno: about the future, about the past. The Avant-Garde. Humanist geometry + vintage footwear. Form, function, style, art and life.

The Jeanne Moderno fonts include: Western and Eastern European characters, Stylistic Alternates, ligatures, and more.

Jeanne Moderno designed by Steve Mehallo. Jeanne Moderno Italic Font Jeanne Moderno Bold font Jeanne Moderno Bold Italic
Jeanne Moderno Geometrique Jeanne Moderno Ultra Italic Jeanne Moderno Titling
PSYOPS Jeanne Moderno Titling Italic