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 Aalborg Set



The Aalborg Set fonts include: Western and Eastern European characters, Ligatures, and a Smallcaps font.

Aalborg Set includes three fonts (RomanItalic and Smallcaps) intended for what may be termed ‘text display’, i.e. extended text of less than ‘War and Peace’ length but with a high profile. The lettershapes are firmly based on Renaissance models, but the detail work is about as calligraphic as type can be and still be useful for continuous reading. There is no bold, as this would have compromised the design severely. The roman and italic have classic text figures, but the figures of the smallcap font are ranging. Aalborg was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in a large UNESCO-sponsored inter-national type competition in 2001-02 in some very distinguished company, but under the name of ‘Absolut Type’. Though ‘absolut’ is a regular word in any Swedish thesaurus, it was decided for reasons of legal safety to rename the face for a good, solid and absolutely non-copyrightable Danish city (which incidentally does produce a famous vodka…).

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