[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#d15326″]CONTEMPO ELAN BY WESLEY POOLE[/typography]

Contempo Élan Grand Script is Wesley Poole’s unique and supremely mid mod alternative to more staid and traditional scripts. The super-angular Premier harkens back to Il Futurismo, while the Ornamental Script jets forward to the Space Age at mach speed, with decor worthy of Sputnik or a Calder mobile. :: Working from Poole’s inked masters, PSY/OPS designers Jana Flynn and RXC drafted the design to point-perfect standards over the course of a year, balancing the letterforms and establishing the script-linking mechanism where no margin of error exists. :: Take a closer look and discover why early reviews have hailed this daring as “remarkable” and “a master-work!”

The Contempo Elan fonts include: Western and Eastern European characters, Stylistic Alternates, ligatures, and more.

Add to Cart → Contempo Élan Set. $49
Add to Cart → Contempo Élan Grand Scriptr. $36
Add to Cart → Contempo Élan Premier. $36
Add to Cart → Contempo Élan Ornamental. $36


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