PHILOMELA is an original Renaissance-style text face intended to re-capture the ‘lead feeling’ which has been lost in most digital revivals (where the added crispness of current imaging and printing technologies has not been compensated for). The family has been designed in three micro-weights, allowing for improved control of image density, and thus readability, on different media types and at different point sizes. In this way, Philomela further emulates the cold type & letterpress paradigm, whereby typefaces were cut differently according to size (for example, more open below 12 point), and where the impression could be adjusted according to substrate requirements and taste. Each micro-weight includes roman (text), italic, and smallcap styles. A delicate titling face, and engraved initials are also part of the system. As per the typefaces of its era, a bold weight does not exist; however, if need be, the interval between the light and dark fonts provides enough contrast to fulfill this.

The Philomela fonts include: Western and Eastern European characters, ligatures, and more. Small Caps, Old Style Numerals, Titling Caps, and Initial Caps are also available.

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