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PSYOPS Website Improvements

PSYOPS cart upgrades

The PSY/OPS checkout system has been revamped. Woo!

• Every page on the PSY/OPS website is now secure with HTTPS.

• We now support multiple payment options, including Amazon Payments.

• And, you can now log in with your Facebook account, in order to simplify your checkout.

Delicato Pro, designed by Stefan Hattenbach, is available now at PSY/OPS

Delicato Social 1000

Delicato Pro, designed by Stefan Hattenbach, is now available at PSY/OPS.

Delicato integrates unique modern details over a decidedly traditional foundation. The design fulfills Stefan Hattenbach’s goal of creating a sturdy text face for books and longer texts, while not precluding its use in more decorative settings. Stylistically, Delicato tips a respectful hat to Jeremy Tankard’s Enigma and Petr van Blokland’s Proforma. The family includes standard text cuts — Regular, Italic, Bold — each with full Smallcaps, Ligatures as well as Lining and Oldstyle figures (both Proportional and Tabular). A Medium weight, Alternates and a set of Ornaments further expand the family’s versatility. In 2008, Delicato was expanded to OpenType Pro status, most notably adding full support for Latin-based Central European languages, and that is the edition offered here.

Anziano Pro is now available at PSY/OPS

Anzianzo Font PSYOPS

Anziano Pro, designed by Stefan Hattenbach, is now available at PSY/OPS.

Anziano Pro is the third of Stefan Hattenbach’s text typefaces, arriving after (and drawing innate inspiration from) Tarocco and Delicato. More universally, Anziano tips its hat to Emil Rudolph Weiss’ 1926 namesake type, though Anziano is decidedly more Cartesian than calligraphic. Anziano consists of three core styles, Regular, Italic and Bold; each with smallcaps, ornaments, stylistic ligatures, and extended Latin accents. Lining, tabular, oldstyle and smallcap numerals help round out Anziano’s typographic range and function.

Alphatypoglyphic! Playful New Perspectives on the Alphabet.

Alphatypoglyphic Meetup

Check out Alphatypoglyphic! Playful New Perspectives on the Alphabet.

Thursday, February 5, 2015 — Santa Monica , CA…/…/

“The alphabet does a lot of heavy lifting for us every day, most of it pretty mundane. But it also has a quirky sense of play, and this is something Type Designer Rod Cavazos explores with obsessive delight.

Join us for a rare peek at some of the exotic alphabetic concepts, constructs and curiosities he and his team have tinkered up in their San Francisco design office. You’ll have a chance to participate in the quirky sense of play while contributing to the in-session Fontbake, and possibly win a digital goodie bag of typefaces and other fontalicious treats.

General Assembly in Santa Monica will be hosting Alphatypoglyphic and also be sponsoring our drinks! Please visit their site to purchase your ticket.”

FontBake № 7

FontBake Seven Poster

Thanks to Creativity Explored for hosting our October Doodlefest this past Saturday. It was a wonderful and well-attended event, and the creative flow was amazing. Here are some snapshots, and the results of the collective Fontbake Seven everyone contributed to.№-7/

FontBake No 7, Alphabetic Order, PSYOPS 01FontBake No 7, Alphabetic Order, PSYOPS 02 FontBake No 7, Alphabetic Order, PSYOPS 03 FontBake No 7, Alphabetic Order, PSYOPS 04 FontBake No 7, Alphabetic Order, PSYOPS 05

The FontBake is one of a few events centered around Doodlefest, hosted by PSY/OPS Type Foundry and Alphabetic Order.

Doodlefest is a fun, free creative meet-up offered in San Francisco by several times a year. Check it out:

Catacumba Pro Display Subset is $34 (50% off)

Catacumba Subset Promo Social

This Catacumba Pro Display Subset sale is scary, at only $34 (50% off) through September 29th.

Catacumba is a six-weight typeface inspired by the painted inscriptions of the Igreja de São Francisco church’s catacombs in Porto, Portugal. The forms are clearly influenced by Victorian style, with an unmistakable French heritage, and yet they somehow convey a decidedly Portuguese sensibility.

Catacumba’s centerpieces are its two titling styles: the exuberant Excelsa, and the didonesque Moderata.  Each Catacumba font includes an expanded selection of OpenType ranges and features, allowing for extensive usewithin the Latin range.


FontBake (August 14)

Alphabetic Order FontBake Au14

Check out out the results from the most recent FontBake. A group font-building session where each participant draws and contributes a few experimental letters to the bake.

The FontBake is one of a few events centered around Doodlefest, hosted by PSY/OPS Type Foundry and Alphabetic Order.

Doodlefest is a fun, free creative meet-up offered in San Francisco by several times a year. Check it out:

Crash Numbering is free for all!

Crash Numbering Font Free

These two numeral fonts are designed by Philip Krayna and RXC.

The serializing technique known as crash numbering has been in use since before computers started roaming the earth… some say as far back as the days of phrenology and 5¢ sasparillas. If you’ve ever bought a raffle ticket or been handed a claim check you’ve experienced crash numbering first hand.

Our digital simulacrum, which we are proud to present here and now, includes Serif and Gothic styles; three variants of each numeral; and a smattering of numerical symbols. It’s ideal for numbering invoices, gift certificates, undergarments… anything that’ll hold still long enough to run through your inkjet printer. And it’s free.

Oxtail is on Sale for $44 (50% off).

Oxtail Social Sale

The wait is over! The complete 6 font typeface Oxtail is on sale now. $44 (50% off) through August 25th.

The Oxtail Set typeface has its roots in the Egyptienne-family which became popular in the beginning of the 19th Century.

To make the family more unique and personal, ”twists” have been crafted throughout the design. All together Oxtail Set is a family of 6 weights, including: Medium, Medium Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black and Black Italic.