Alphatypoglyphic! Playful New Perspectives on the Alphabet.

Check out Alphatypoglyphic! Playful New Perspectives on the Alphabet. Thursday, February 5, 2015 — Santa Monica , CA…/…/ “The alphabet does a lot of heavy lifting for us every day, most of it pretty mundane. But it also has a quirky sense of play, and this is something Type Designer Rod Cavazos explores with obsessive [...]

FontBake № 7

Thanks to Creativity Explored for hosting our October Doodlefest this past Saturday. It was a wonderful and well-attended event, and the creative flow was amazing. Here are some snapshots, and the results of the collective Fontbake Seven everyone contributed to.№-7/ The FontBake is one of a few events centered around Doodlefest, hosted by PSY/OPS [...]

FontBake (August 14)

Check out out the results from the most recent FontBake. A group font-building session where each participant draws and contributes a few experimental letters to the bake. The FontBake is one of a few events centered around Doodlefest, hosted by PSY/OPS Type Foundry and Alphabetic Order. Doodlefest is a fun, free creative meet-up offered [...]

PSY/OPS Open Studio – SF Design Week Studio Tour

This year the SF Design Week Studio Tour is featuring over 40 open studio tours spread over two nights. PSY/OPS Type Foundry will be offering a behind–the–scenes look during the upcoming SF Design Week Studio Tour. The route on Wednesday is titled "Mid-Market - Hayes Valley - Mission - Bernal Heights" and PSY/OPS will be [...]

May 2014 Doodlefest: Collaborative Quick-font

At this month's Doodlefest, our inspired guests teamed up to create a truly unique group font. :: Doodlefest is a fun, free meet-up offered in San Francisco by Alphabetic Order + PSY/OPS several times a year. Want to join in? Like us on Facebook and we'll keep you posted on upcoming sessions.

TYPO SF Conference

It's a perfect day to stroll over to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts for the start of this year's TYPO SF conference. Lots of inspiring speakers lined up (as usual), and a welcome opportunity to hang out with longtime friends, and to make many new ones. We hope to see you there!

An Intensive Type Design Workshop

PSY/OPS is now holding type design workshops through its academic wing, (The) Alphabetic Order. Next up is the Type Design Intensive, a comprehensive two day workshop exploring each phase of the font development process — from concept to completion. The first session begins Saturday October 12th (the second session is the following Saturday). There are [...]

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