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[sixcol_five][typography font=”Cantarell” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#d15326″]BITBLOX IS DESIGNED BY JAMES BEALL AND PSY/OPS TYPE FOUNDRY[/typography]

We created these fonts for our Bitblox alphabet blocks. They were inspired by the low-res pixel lettering seen on the computer screens and in video games of yore. The fonts are guaranteed to induce flashbacks in anyone who’s been exposed to consoles / terminals / IBM / DOS / AS/400 graphics in the olden days.

Each Bitblox character is built on a grid of pixels known as a matrix. The matrix creates constraint, but that very constraint yields interesting and evocative forms.

The Bitblox fonts contain Western and Eastern European characters, Mathematical symbols, Dingbats and more.

*Bitblox Monospace is available for free with a personal license. Other options are available below.

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Add to Cart → Bitblox Complete Set. $29
Add to Cart → Bitblox Regular. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Outline. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Embiggened. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Blocked. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Monospace. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Stackable. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Dimensional. $10
Add to Cart → Bitblox Dingbats. $10

See more Bitblox font purchasing options here.



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